Special Operation Combatives


Critical military missions today require measured control and the ability to use lethal or non-lethal force when necessary. Centurions Defense provides tailored, mission-specific training that allows the operator to suppress or eliminate an aggressor while protecting himself, his team, and the mission parameters at the same time. Our signature programs: CADS (Counter Aggressor Defense Systems) and SHRIKE (Strategic Hostile Response Intentional Killing Engagement) provide the physical skills necessary to successfully complete the difficult mission of direct action combatives. Our training is intense and focuses on the realities of combat, efficiency, and effectiveness while allowing discretion in the application of fighting techniques. Centurions Defense has designed our programs to compliment the already existing armed training of the “shooter” and not remake him into a ‘martial art fighter or gladiator” Make no mistake; Centurions Defense SHRIKE and CADS system are the most advanced combative courses ever developed with real time input from trained subject matter experts and SOF operators who have returned from direct action engagements and black operations all over the world.

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Tier One Training

Centurions Defense instructor-trainers are subject matter experts with extensive Tier One level experience. Our students take part in a challenging and rewarding learning experience including classroom training, scenario-based exercises and practical applications to ensure success;
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Special Operations Combatives


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