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Centurions Defense training programs will further your tactical skill sets through classroom instruction, reality-based exercises and practical applications. We are Tier One because we train you with a balanced approach, the Quiet Professional, not as an overly aggressive cowboy. Whether it is sniper training or tactical combatives to maritime cqb or high altitude / low opening skydiving, our students will receive Tier One proficiency from certified instructors who have successfully returned from field. Our training is challenging, rewarding and involves all arrays of combat for the benefit of the active shooter to executive protection or Intelligence professional.

Additionally, our Team is comprised of members who have served on special units internationally so our students will receive a unique and worldly based perspective and experience. And because we are a Discretionary Services Firm, your training and experience with us will be held in the strictest of confidence. It is our goal to push you to edge and beyond so that you, your team and your mission conclude safely & successfully.

Centurions Defense is a Veteran owned and operated business. Our training center is located in Southern California, home to the US Navy and Marine Corps with our new Headquarters and training center opening soon in Washington DC.

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