Our experience ranges from combat special operations missions in the Middle East, Asia, central and eastern Europe to counter-intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence collection for the military, and National Security experience from the FBI. Accordingly, we have the expertise to successfully structure, plan, execute and evaluate close quarters combatives and prisoner control training services. Centurions Defense understands the objectives, constraints, and conditions relevant to real world security procedures both at home and abroad.

Centurions Defense has senior level personnel who understand the unique and sensitive nature of this work, who have experience with large scale defensive training strategies and techniques, and judgment in the assessment of risk and evaluation of risk mitigation procedures. These team members are committed to serving you, our clients. You can be assured that you will receive prompt, timely and professional services from a firm which has the specific relevant experience and skills requisite to thoroughly fulfill international security needs.

We are professionals with diversified backgrounds in:

  • Navy/Marine Corps Special Operations
  • Navy Special Warfare
  • British SBS
  • FBI
  • Secret Service
  • Army Special Forces
  • British Royal Marines
  • International Military Special Operations Members
  • State and Federal Law Enforcement

We are the leading authority in defense combatives, a designation earned by several decades of training and experience in hostile combat environments nationally and around the world.


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