Whether you are an experienced special operations professional or just embarking on your career, you owe it to yourself to consider a career with Centurions Defense, the world’s leading Discretionary Tactics firm. You will have unparalleled opportunities here. You’ll team with the best in the business of tactical combatives to assist military, law enforcement, and corporate security from our unrivaled experience and resources.

Throughout your career, you will be challenged by the work and by the people on your team and as well as the clients we serve. You will be constantly learning and your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork. Your individuality will be recognized and you will be encouraged to achieve your maximum potential.

Centurions Defense is a global Discretionary Tactics Firm expanding its services worldwide. Our organization employs professionals from diverse backgrounds from the special operations community in military, law enforcement, and private security. We are an exclusive and dynamic firm with exciting career opportunities. Resumes and CV are currently being accepted.

Centurions Defense is now accepting resumes from superior candidates for upcoming overseas operations.

For US Persons (United States Citizens, Permanent Residents) who can provide proof of eligibility to legally work in the United States:

For Foreign Persons (Non-United States Citizens, Non-Permanent Residents):

Centurions Defense is seeking top candidates for opportunities in global mission support, security and training. This is a Senior Level Position, GS-13 or equivalent. We are looking for more than outstanding credentials; we require innovative team players who thrive in an international operations environment and perform at their best in ambiguous situations and when mission objectives are critical and can work effectively and closely with foreign law enforcement and military agencies.

Currently we are accepting and reviewing qualified candidates with backgrounds closely matching Special Agent, Intelligence Officer, Senior Security Officer positions. Professional level foreign languages skills in the following are highly desired: (Eastern European, Russian, Asian, Japanese, South American, Spanish, and Brazilian)

Optimal candidates will be working closely with foreign partners in security consulting, tactical training, threat assessments, and operations. We are looking for the Quiet Professional, who understands discretion, forward “out of the box” thinking and leadership experience.

Desired qualifications:

  • Minimum 10 year total experience with military, federal law enforcement-intelligence or both (or equivalent for non-US persons).
  • Military Special Operations Tier One (Senior Level)
  • Military police, security police or security force management (Senior Level)
  • Law enforcement (SWAT/SRT)
  • Business management/project management
  • Emergency medicine
  • Operations coordination
  • Program management
  • Administration
  • Security assessments
  • Logistics
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Information technology/information systems

Basic Qualifications:

  • Willing to deploy to high-threat locations
  • Tactical experience within the last three years
  • Current proficiency in small arms and M4 weapon systems, hand to hand combatives.
  • Able to successfully pass physical fitness duty requirements to include: body composition, agility run, sit and reach, bench press and 1.5 mile run (security positions only)
  • Valid U.S. or Nation of Origin Passport
  • Successful pass background and credit investigation
  • Current security clearance (T/S or better)
  • Ability to complete training and deploy immediately afterward.

Please forward all Cover Letters, Resumes and CV’s to only.

Centurions Defense is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants receive consideration without regard to race, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, disability or any other basis prohibited by law.


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