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Tactical Training

Centurions Defense Special Operations tactical programs are Tier One. For Land, Sea or Air Operations, our students will receive proficiency from certified military and law enforcement instructors. Our training is challenging, rewarding and designed to protect you, your team and the mission.

Training parameters:

  • Customization – All of our programs are customizable to be unit mission specific.
  • Operator Safety – All of our training is done by former military and law enforcement instructors who are certified with at least 10 years minimum experience making them subject matter experts in their field.
  • Quick Training Format – We work with you to accommodate any timeline.
  • Memory Retention – Training blocks are built to be easily retainable and to build on one another.
  • Tier One Instruction from licensed professionals.
  • Experienced leadership & professional management.
  • Veteran owned and operated.
  • Commitment to excellence.
  • A Company You Can Trust.

Security Solutions

With superior operational resources, Centurions Defense can provide a wide range of security services to fit your needs at home and internationally. We are here 24 hours a day to not only help you secure your persons or assets, but to also secure your peace of mind as well. Contact us today to see how the right services can protect you.

Some of our elite services:

  • Special Tasks Group Teams (STG Teams)
  • Global Business Security Protection
  • Cyber Security and Protection
  • National Infrastructure Protection
  • Diplomatic / Executive Protection & Safety
  • Corporate / Private Investigations
  • Border Security & Defense Consulting
  • Crisis Response & Asset Retrieval
  • Emergency Extraction & Medical Aid
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Kidnap & Ransom / Recovery
  • Surveillance / Counter Surveillance
  • Ground / Maritime /Aviation Security

Tier One Services

Centurions Defense provides Tier One Tactical Training and Security Solutions for the Military, Law Enforcement, Corporations, and Private Citizens. Our professional staff specializes in providing “Discretionary Services.” Our job is to not only protect you but to protect your reputation and alliances whether you are at home or in a host nation. We work with all principles involved in a discreet professional manner to come up with the best possible scenario for serving you while you conduct your business. We are the “Quiet Professionals” devoted to Tier One Competency which makes our clients feel more secure and at ease, because your peace of mind and trust are essential to us and mission success.

And because Centurions Defense understands the threats out there, our mission is to provide the very best services that shield you from real world threats; “So You Come Home” ®

As a global enterprise, Centurions Defense serves our client interests throughout the world. We are headquartered in Washington DC, across California, and with offices from London to Tokyo to serve you.